About CopyPress

Building tools to help advertisers and creatives scale, promote, and create is what we do… and what we love.

What We Do

Creating things is our passion at CopyPress. Since 2009, we’ve fed that passion by building software, products, and services that help creatives and advertisers do the same. We built a Community where writers, designers, and developers can create their own micro-businesses centered around their passion. Then we designed ways for these creatives to connect with advertisers in order to create campaigns centered on beautiful, compelling content.

Our ability to connect our large community of trained creatives with clients ranging from start-ups and small business to international corporations and Fortune 500 companies lets us continue to do what we love: build tools that enable both creatives and advertisers to scale, promote, and most importantly, create.

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Management Team

Dave Snyder

CEO, CopyPress

Dave began his career online as a well respected Internet Marketing Consultant. He has spoken around the world on the topics of search marketing and social media, and has consulted for some of the worlds largest companies on the topics. He has also been an educator and writer in past careers.

Dave’s passion shifted from a purely marketing focus as he worked with more and more entrepreneurs to build profitable companies, to the creation, construction, and management of startups. This along with his life lifelong passion for content was the inspiration behind CopyPress.

Eric Kaufman

CPO, CopyPress

CPO may sound like 3-CPO, but don’t let that fool you into thinking Eric is fluent in over 6 million forms of communication; though as the Chief Product Officer of CopyPress he does speak programmer, designer, and marketer.

After beginning his career writing software for property tax professionals and labor unions he by chance discovered search engine marketing just as Google debuted and changed the search landscape forever. Talk about a lucky break! He enjoys long walks on the beach, finding the intersection between marketing and technology in the products he builds.

Client Services Team

  • Derek Miller

    VP of Sales

  • Ryan Whitney

    Client Manager

  • Courtni Berghoefer

    Community Manager

  • Kelly Quigley

    Media Manager

  • Derek Fast

    Media Manager

  • Monica Liriano

    Production Manager

  • Joe Sinkwitz


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