2013 Google Predictions [Comic]

With the end of 2012 approaching, many of the “content marketing” industry leaders are making their research-backed hypotheses on what Google has in store for search and the content world for 2013. Using data and case studies, the industry pros typically make predictions for the upcoming year to better prepare their content & social strategy for 2013. Some of the SEO Gurus are working on their “research” too – with a less conventional approach…

[textareaopen]2013 Google Predictions
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Dan Jones


  • I predict that Google will go “all in” on SEO and will purchase SEOmoz.org for one BILLION dollars, they will also acquire Text-Link-Ads.com and will merge the two into the Google certified SEO training center ($500 for certification + $99/mo for access to data & tools), and the Google certified text link ad market where one can purchase links for ranking purposes.

    And all will be right in the world.