2013 State of Content Marketing Study: Interactive White Paper

We at CopyPress are proud to announce the release our 2013 State of Content Marketing Study and White Paper. The study is the result of a survey with 329 marketing decision makers as respondents. To access the full white paper with all of the survey data, interviews, and case studies, enter your email address in the field below. We hope you enjoy!


About the author

Dave Snyder

Dave began his career online as a well respected Internet Marketing Consultant. He has spoken around the world on the topics of search marketing and social media, and has consulted for some of the worlds largest companies on the topics. He has also been an educator and writer in past careers.

Dave’s passion shifted from a purely marketing focus as he worked with more and more entrepreneurs to build profitable companies, to the creation, construction, and management of startups. This passion was the inspiration behind SteelCast.


    • Kelly and Derek on our team did an impressive collaborative job on the visual data and javascript implementation.

      • Ah, drats. This was custom-built? It’s excellent. Can Kelly or Derek point me in the direction of any service that might exist out there for consumers to create interactive vertical slideshows like this one for genre-specific topics?

    • They are increasing, but where they are increasing is also important. We have some work to do as an industry to get decision makers to understand the importance and value of “who” and author is

  • Great study and layout! It’s insightful and useful for any marketer looking to keep up with the ever evolving marketing landscape. Im excited to be in the middle of all these changes.

    • I am too Michael. Marketing is becoming more of an artform than ever before, or at least the budgets are finally allowing more artistic freedom

  • This is a well-rounded, informative study of content marketing and its future! I personally found the opinions of the industry professionals just as valuable as the quantifiable data. Presenting this information using the interactive white paper was just what I needed to stay tuned in until the end. HUGE props to everyone involved in this project. What a success!!