Rules for CopyPress #Pubcon Games: Scavenger Hunt and Bingo

Want to win a tablet, meet some speakers, and take some silly pictures? If you’re at Pubcon, we’re running a few contests that’ll let you do exactly that. To get in on the action, visit our mobile site at We’ll be updating this throughout the conference and you’ll also be able to follow along […]

Why We Love Celebrity Meltdowns (And Why Marketers Should Care)

By now you’ve seen it. Earlier this week, Miley Cyrus’ twerked her way into our collective consciousness… and the Internet is still talking about it. All of this negative attention certainly hasn’t hurt her record sales or social mentions. No press is bad press, right? via The artist formerly known as Hannah Montana has proven […]

What Marketers Can Learn from Food Bloggers

I still remember the first time I discovered The Pioneer Woman’s blog many years ago. I spent an entire day reading her posts. Today, she has several best-selling cookbooks and her own TV show, as well as being one of the most recognizable and adored food bloggers. Watching her transform from a home cook to […]

4 Habits Every Writer Should Break

Writers love rituals. Victor Hugo wrote in the nude. Maya Angelou checks into hotel rooms to write. Ernest Hemingway typed standing up. But, not all writing habits are productive (and face it, we’re not all Hemingway). Read on to find out what a gay dog and Tucker Max can teach you about breaking your writing […]

How To Find Guest Post Opportunities on Twitter

For anyone who does outreach, you know searching for “sites that accept guest posts” can get monotonous. Dare I say, it’s probably the least exciting part of the job. To break up this more tedious aspect of outreach, I find a lot of ways to do the same thing. For example, I use about five […]

How to Approach Blogger Outreach Like a Journalist

Believe it or not, there were people doing outreach before the Internet. They’re called freelance reporters. Pick up any guide written in the last 40 years about pitching a newspaper or magazine. Replace the word “reporter” with “guest blogger” throughout the text, and you’ll find not much has changed when it comes to approaching an […]