A Tale of Three Papers

On Thursday, January 30, Facebook announced that they will be releasing a “‘distraction-free’ news-reading app for iOS,” called Paper. After this announcement, a couple of companies began to ask themselves, “don’t we own the rights to ‘paper’? And if not, why not?” The first of these companies to react was FiftyThree, whose app Paper was launched […]

Mighty Morphin Power Companies Google Bought

Google is a household name, and is the Chuck Norris of the search engine community. However, Google also makes it a point to buy companies that are already doing well, and make them even better. The Vice President of Google has stated that at least two-thirds of all the companies they acquire excel or “morph” into […]

5 Shades of Grey: Native Advertising and the FTC

Let me preface by saying the title doesn’t include a typo (my apologies for the title-bait). I don’t know how to compare an erotic romance novel featuring BDSM that’s written by a fellow Brit to the ongoing relationship between the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and publishers in regard to Native Ads. That’s probably because I’ve never […]

Cause it’s That Time of Year Marketing

The end of the 2013 is nigh and that means one thing for most companies: a marketing budget dump in Q4. If you don’t use it, you lose it, so why not get in the holiday spirit and put a cause marketing plan into play. Cause Marketing: what it is and what it isn’t. According […]

Your Email Marketing is Dead — The Walking Dead

The new season of The Walking Dead starts this Sunday and what better way to honor it than applying what we’ve learned from this AMC hit to email marketing and email lists. Here are the main parallels between this form of marketing and The Walking Dead. List management: A Ricktatorship There comes a time where […]

Done vs. Perfect

Last month I read Lean In, written by Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg. There’s one particular story in Chapter 9 that struck me a chord with me, and I’m writing this post to explore the concept even further. It starts with the phrase, “Perfection is the enemy.” Dr. Laurie Glimcher, Dean of Weill Cornell […]

CopyPress Curation in 588 Words

If you would have asked me a year ago “what is Curation?” I would have responded with something along the lines of “umm… what people do at museums, right?” And let’s be fair, I would have been right, sort of.  Had I applied my articulate, well thought out answer to the question “What is CopyPress […]

16 Connection Rules that Your Mum can Learn from the Pros

When it comes to connections, clients have personal requirements about the who, what, and where of connecting to third party websites. I’ve taken the connections style guides from several clients and identified trends and resources explaining their importance to your mum (if she had a website). A Third Party Site Should: 1. Not have questionable outgoing links. […]