Is Your Content Ready For Summer?

I wrote about how to plan your summer content last year, and I figured I should bring it up again. It is almost summer and your business should have plans in place right now to be reaching out to your audience about summer time. It is important to keep in mind that during the summer people […]

Without These Things I Could Never Write

If part of your job is to write on a regular basis, there will come a time when you just go blank. Or, you will have so much to do that you just can’t get your brain to write the way you want it to. And, sometimes even coming up with an idea is extremely […]

Creating Content For Service and Product Pages

I am a marketer and I am constantly evaluating everything I look at, it is kind of automatic. What I see is a lot of businesses failing to make a connection with the reader because they have forgotten how important it is to educate and create trust. I know that not all businesses have the […]

Social Media Management Tips, from a Therapeutic Perspective

This article is based on some of the concepts I presented at Pubcon New Orleans 2014. I was looking at social and community from a more therapeutic perspective and this article is going to offer social media management tips from that perspective as well. I think these recommendations are different, but also are really important […]

5 Reasons I Will Not Tweet Your Article

So here is the deal, I tweet a lot. I try to share articles that are educational in one way another. I believe that part of the reason I have the followers I do is because I share information that is helpful to them. Because of my followers, I feel like I have a responsibility […]

Realtors, What You Should Be Blogging About

I consulted for a long time with Realtors and real estate companies and I have seen, and examined, their blogging strategies. Sadly, what I see way too often are posts about “a new listing” or “another home sold.” Who exactly do these topics attract? How do these posts convince someone that a Realtor is qualified […]

Write Better with These Tips!

As an editor, I see some common issues that often make articles too hard to read or simply unusable. The sad thing is that there is great information in the articles, but there are problems that would take an editor too long to fix. Let’s look at some of these common problems I see and […]

11 Things to Ask Your Clients for Content Ideation

It is critical to create content that appeals to your various audiences, meets their needs, and converts to sales. I have written about client research many times, but today I am going to discuss using your clients to gather data for future content ideation. There are questions you could ask them that could help you […]

6 Ways to Be Better Than Your Competitor at Content Marketing

“Content marketing” is a phrase everyone is throwing around, but few are excelling at. There is a lot of content being generated, but the quality, focus, and targeting is lacking. This is good news for you, though! The odds are your competitors are not really effective with content marketing and you can learn to be […]