CopyPress Book Club: Lean In

In September, we introduced the CopyPress book club series with Delivering Happiness by, Inc., CEO Tony Hsieh. This was the perfect book to start our series because it encompasses the purpose of our book series: expose people to books that will best help them grow professionally and personally. Next in our series, we are breaking down the […]

CopyPress Community Is Turning Creatives Into Media Making Entrepreneurs

If you haven’t been following the progress of CopyPress Community, you better start. A little over a year ago, CopyPress launched an initiative to create a space where creatives could grow into self-sufficient media providers and creative entrepreneurs. Community would be a place where writers, bloggers, journalists, designers, videographers, advertisers, marketers, and any other creative entrepreneurs […]

A Pubcon Epiphany: Content Isn’t King… Yet

I was at Pubcon last week, and being there gave me many insights into the current state of online marketing — particularly the role of writing in online marketing. Content is king is nothing new, and at Pubcon people were continuing to preach the perks of quality content. As a writer and Community Manager for […]

CopyPress Book Club: Delivering Happiness

One of the CopyPress Core Values is A Commitment to Learning and Training. Because reading is such a large part of learning, we are starting a CopyPress Library in our office. The library will house copies of the books that we feel will help our staff grow professionally and personally. CopyPress Book Club In order […]

Initial Findings from the 2013: State of Freelance Writing Survey

Two weeks ago CopyPress Community launched the 2013 State of Freelance Writing Survey. The initial findings have confirmed some assumptions as well as highlighted some unexpected insights. 61% of freelancer writers are dissatisfied with the amount of money they make. 72% of freelance writers expect to make more money next year. These two stats aren’t surprising. We guessed that […]

CopyPress Community Launches State of Freelance Writing Survey

A large part of CopyPress is our community of freelance writers and designers. CopyPress Community has over 3,000 members, some of which work for CopyPress on a daily basis creating content for our copy and digital media offerings. We consider this Community to be a major part of our business and our company, and just […]

Why I Stayed: My Journey at CopyPress

Yesterday I had a bad day at work. As I walked downstairs to go home, I felt frustrated. I felt overwhelmed. I felt mentally drained. But while I was walking out to my car, I wasn’t feeling bad for myself. I wasn’t cursing CopyPress or getting ready to go search the classifieds. While I was walking […]

How to Make Myspace Relevant Again [Comic]

When users visit Myspace, they can choose between the classic version or the new version. The once-great social network has continuously reinvented itself to draw users back. Now it’s trying to court music lovers, with no success. If they had any option to choose from, owners Justin Timberlake and Specific Media would probably opt to […]