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3 Reasons Native Advertising Could Replace Guest Blogging by 2016

Official FTC recognition and adoption by The New York Times leaves no doubt in my mind: 2014 is native advertising’s break-out year. Concurrently, the Google Oracle stuck a fork in guest blogging and declared it dead. Coincidence? I won’t discuss Mr. Cutts’ delineation between guest spammers and legitimate contributors. (The subject is well covered here.) […]

Native Advertising: Are You Prepared for Battle?

Search Wikipedia for “Native Advertising,” and an alert-banner suggests the page artificially popularizes a slang term. Clearly, the term is still novel to mainstream media. Yet the concept is ancient. Print media and radio orators, such as the great Paul Harvey, long ago popularized native ad’s predecessor, the advertorial. And, over the past year, digital […]

The Alpha & Omega of Native Advertising

Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” - Albert Einstein An inextricable link exists between the idea, attention, and conversion. While many continue to proclaim “Content is King,” Bill Gate’s prophetic statement has lost meaning. Entitled marketers flood every feed and channel with trite, impotent content. The mere existence of content […]

Google’s Instructions on Responsible Link Building

Currently, an insidious idea infiltrates a segment of the blogging community: Links Are Bad. This logic-defying belief springs from a misinterpretation of Google Penguin’s attack on search spam. The belief defies logic because connections between sites are and always will be the foundation of Google’s algorithm. The belief is dangerous because, as page 28 of […]

Forget Penguin 2.0. Is Your Guest Blogging Strategy Ready for Penguin 3.0?

Recent SEO chatter is fixated around when Google will drop the hammer on guest blogging. Such speculation is a testament to the spam community’s adeptness at transforming respectable attention tactics into fetishized terminology. Monday, The Spam Oracle added fuel to the fire by doling out vague predictions for this summer’s “Penguin 2.0.” If the following […]

How to Usher in an Age of Enlightenment for Content

If you want true insights into a company’s culture and future direction, look no further than its internal training. A company’s education system, or lack thereof, indicates its cultural era: The Dark Age or The Age of Enlightenment. Image via Flickr CopyPress was born on the tail end of a Dark Age (late 2010). We […]

Plagiarism: Dealing with a Rite of Passage

About a year ago, Belgian choreographer, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker outed Beyoncé’s “Countdown” video for plagiarizing concepts from “Rosas Danst Rosas” and “Achterland.” Surprised that a real artist actually paid her any attention, Beyoncé eventually admitted to being “inspired” by De Keersmaeker’s work. As in the music world, online publishing runs rampant with “inspired” bloggers. […]

How to Avoid Falling Prey to Copyright Trolls

What do you have in common with a fearless romance novelist and BuzzFeed? Both have or will soon fall prey to Copyright Trolls.  Copyright Trolls are Intellectual Property attorneys that scavenge the Internet in search of entities to sue over misuse of copyrighted material. As a struggling creator, these mercenaries may sound like knights in […]

Google Death Trap? Or Impotent Empire?

Based on the most recent counsel from the Google’s Oracle, Google is either admitting the Mighty Algorithm is impotent in protecting “law abiding” Webmasters from negative SEO, or the Great Empire is attempting to outfox Webmasters with a strategy known as “Pāo Zhuān Yǐn Yù” (抛砖引玉 ): Tossing out a brick to get a jade […]