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Category - Marketing Outsourcing

Avoid the Fluff: How to Trim Your Content and Deliver Your Message

What Is Content Fluff? Content fluff is filler words and language that do not provide the reader with any valuable information and may simply be used to fill a page. […]

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The Art of Breaking News: How to Create Late Breaking Content That Generates Buzz

Microphones and Reporters

Going viral continues to be the Holy Grail for marketers. They want their content to spread across the web like wildfire, generating traffic and links while establishing their brand as […]

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Why Outsource Your Content Marketing?

People at Company

You and your business are creative. You know your audience, and you know what you need to do to deliver content into their hands. Even so, it can sometimes be […]

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Outsourcing Your Content Production vs Freelancers

Open Laptop

Marketing departments across all industries are increasingly looking for content creation options outside of full-time, in-house writers. They want to create more content without paying for someone’s salary, and they […]

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How to Start a Campaign With CopyPress

CopyPress Logo

Unlike other marketing tactics like paid ads or viral advertising, content marketing is a process. Customers interact with your content multiple times during their journey from initial interest to making […]

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Email Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Dos and Donts

Email communication continues to be one of the most popular marketing methods for many companies and industries. Many people check their email at least once daily, while others check it […]

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Common Influencer Marketing Mistakes

People Talking

Since influencer marketing first made waves in 2015, it’s been one of the most popular social marketing methods for big and small brands alike. Whether you’ve already run a few […]

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5 Reasons to Glocalize Your Next Campaign

Amidst the backlash of international turmoil regarding trade agreements and impacting changes like Brexit, therein lies a global opportunity to collectively explore the concept of Glocalization. This word is a […]

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DIY or Hire?: When To Ask For Help and When To Get Creative

DIY metal letters

With the move from paper and physical marketing to the domination of web-based campaigns, businesses are able, now more than ever, to take control over their own marketing strategies. Websites […]

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How to Attract Great Freelancers to Work for You

close up view of a laptop

In the past, companies would seek to hire career professionals for the long-term when upgrading or expanding their capabilities to meet demand. The modern workforce, however, has shifted away from […]

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