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Content Creation is at the core of what we do at CopyPress. Everything within the Content Life Cycle flows around content. Hopefully these resources will point you in a direction where your content will become the catalyst for major ROI and success. In this section of CopyPressed, we focus on how to create amazing content, why to create amazing content, and how to succeed through amazing content creation. We hope that our authors give you deep insight into Content Creation and what it means to be successful as a content creator in today's marketing environment.

Is Your Content Ready For Summer?

I wrote about how to plan your summer content last year, and I figured I should bring it up again. It is almost summer and your business should have plans in place right now to be reaching out to your audience about summer time. It is important to keep in mind that during the summer people […]

Without These Things I Could Never Write

If part of your job is to write on a regular basis, there will come a time when you just go blank. Or, you will have so much to do that you just can’t get your brain to write the way you want it to. And, sometimes even coming up with an idea is extremely […]

Fresh Pressed: 4/7/2014

Today’s Category: Content Creation 7 Tips On Writing A Conclusion That Works Are you clueless when it comes to writing a conclusion? Many bloggers are so concerned with crafting captivating headlines and ensuring the body of the post has enough meat to satisfy readers’ hunger that they forget a critical part of a post: the […]

Creating Content For Service and Product Pages

I am a marketer and I am constantly evaluating everything I look at, it is kind of automatic. What I see is a lot of businesses failing to make a connection with the reader because they have forgotten how important it is to educate and create trust. I know that not all businesses have the […]

Fresh Pressed: 3/31/2014

Today’s Fresh Pressed: Content Creation Blog Audience Mindset-5 Tricks To Know What Readers Want As bloggers, we’re inspired to write based on our personal motivations or our business needs. The problem is that your blogging goals aren’t those of your target readers. This holds true whether you’re a B2C company, B2B firm, not-for-profit (NFP), small […]

Who are You? 7 Fun Questions Before You Start Branding

Before you can brand, you need to know yourself. Knowing yourself opens your team up to new ideas and the potential for creative marketing campaigns, logos, slogans, and partnerships. Your brand is supposed to represent you in every way. Whether you’re trying to build your personal brand or creating one for your business, have some […]

Marketing Parodies: Their Idea, Your Viral Fame

Most marketers can name off at least 10 pieces of viral content – and we’re not talking about Oreo or Ellen. Viral marketing is any strategy that naturally encourages viewers to pass on and share the video or article, creating the exponential growth and traffic online. Many choose this viral video route to spread their […]

Fresh Pressed: 3/24/2014

Today’s Category: Content Creation Why Are You Writing So Much Content? Psst, content marketer. Stop pecking at that keyboard and ask yourself one question: Why am I writing this? The question looks simple enough, but is it? Is there a clear business purpose behind every piece of content you create? And if there isn’t — […]

How to Create an Infographic for Any Audience

The views & opinions expressed in any guest post featured on our site are those of the guest author and do not necessarily reflect the views & opinions of CopyPress. If your company has a website, you have most likely segmented your different audiences and worked hard to create a personalized experience for your visitors. This is […]