Cup of Copy: Spotting Spammers

There is a bunch of garbage on the Internet today, in both video and written format. I judge your video and written content on a daily basis due to my vast surfing of the Internet that my job requires. Fake content in video often includes staged happenings that are supposed to be real life. Fake […]

Cup of Copy: Sensitivity on Social Media

Airing out dirty laundry on social media has recently become one of my favorite things to read on many websites. That being said, people really need to realize what is appropriate to put on social media and the timing of it. I would like to propose a new rule: if the person who the tweet […]

Cup of Copy: Simplicity

Every once in a while, a new Buzzword floats to the surface that everyone uses. In 2013, that phrase was “Content is King.” Unlike a king or any feudal system, content does not have to be a complicated thing. More often than not, content that has simplest message or delivery does the best in the […]

Cup of Copy: Social (Networking) Skills

There is a general consensus that Facebook is failing. Granted, as a solidly invested stock holder, I’m praying for this not to be true. While Facebook’s demise would leave me in a state of financial ruin, I’m not worried about its effect on my social networking. Remember MySpace? I do. When that toppled to the […]

Cup of Copy: Death to the Google Doc

“We just shared you on a Google doc that has all of that info.” Devastating is the word that comes to my mind as currently I have well over 200 Google docs that have been shared with me. Searching through many of these docs that have no use anymore upsets me because most of the […]

Cup of Copy: Against Pets on Facebook

After reading somebody promote social media profiles pets many things went through my head. My first thought was, “is that this so-called ‘Yale Graduate’ sitting on the couch without a job?” Followed by, “this law firm the pet works for must also have partners named Deputy Dog and the world renowned Saint Bernard Beethoven.” Beethoven […]

Cup of Copy: Pets on Facebook

The Argument For Social Media Pet Profiles That’s right, I’m debating the merits of making a profile for your pet. A profile that you’ll insist they made  by themselves while you’re off at work.  Sure they’re not that active on it, but that’s only because they’re a Yale law school graduate working at their fictional […]

Cup of Copy: Customer Service

There is something that irritates people to no end in today’s world: customer service. Despite the fact that there are exponentially more ways to contact companies than 15 years ago, trying to talk to a representative still leaves people on the verge of rampage. As much as we try to automate the process, customer service […]

Cup of Copy: Political Correctness

As a culture and a nation, we’ve been sacrificing common sense for sensitivity to the point of detrimental absurdity. We’re rewarding mediocrity and downplaying success and achievement in the name of equality, sensitivity and political correctness. While this isn’t a new thing – it’s been slowly creeping in this direction the last 30 or so […]

Cup of Copy: Shady Content

Link building is something that I really didn’t have a huge grasp on prior to working in Internet marketing. I understood the general idea but not to the depths that people go to have articles published with a specific link in them. This had led me to read things very differently in many ways. My Innocence is Shattered […]