Hand Off Social Media to Your Customer Service Department

As social media evolves, it’s starting to seep into other departments. No longer are the Twitter and Facebook accounts run by a lone social manager who pours over analytics and Tweets replies to fans throughout the business day. These sites are monitored 24/7 by customer service representatives deep in the trenches. A recent article by […]

From Social to Content: Facebook’s Evolution Into a Content Conglomerate

In the wide world of the Internet, fickle users, demanding investors, and growing technologies are just a few driving forces that perpetuate change in design, functionality, and features of online publishing platforms. Today I’m going to look at one of the most well-known social media sites, Facebook, and how it has evolved into a content […]

Will Twitter Catch Up in Time?

In order to survive in the ever-changing and competitive world, people and brands alike must evolve and grow from what they once were, or face the probability of being left in the dust and forgotten. This is a challenge that holds especially true for Twitter, which as of late has been searching for the right […]

Fresh Pressed: 4/2/2014

Today’s Category: Curation Oh! The Things You Can Do … With Hootsuite! I think it is time to take a deeper look into all you can achieve with Hootsuite. I know I am often guilty of simply using Hootsuite to schedule and respond quickly to tweets and posts. But there’s so much more on offer! […]

Fresh Pressed: 4/1/2014

Today’s Category: Connections How to Set Up Google Authorship (Video) Hi, I’m Justin Gagnon with you small business marketing tip of the day. All week, we’ll be talking about some things you can do this instant to improve your web marketing. So let’s talk about Google+ Authorship. When you’ve set this up, you’ll get some […]

Who Says Social Media Isn’t a Job?

When you look at someone’s resume and it says they’re proficient in Microsoft Word, does it mean they know how to open a Word Doc and adjust the font? Or can they actually write an article or create something. The same question can be asked of social media. Just because someone understands how to post […]

Fresh Pressed: 3/26/2014

Today’s Category: Curation Tumblr Adds Two-Step Authentication to Ward Off Hackers As a part of an effort to ramp up security efforts and keep away hackers, Tumblr is the latest company to add two-step authentication to its social blogging platform. Before Tuesday, all users were logging into the Tumblr the same way — whether their […]

Social Media Management Tips, from a Therapeutic Perspective

This article is based on some of the concepts I presented at Pubcon New Orleans 2014. I was looking at social and community from a more therapeutic perspective and this article is going to offer social media management tips from that perspective as well. I think these recommendations are different, but also are really important […]

Would Brands Fare Better if Facebook Quit The Algorithm Game?

Last week, I tried to defend Facebook. I talked about the decreasing brand reach and agreed with Marketing Land that there’s no way organic reach could ever hit zero. Brands will always have a place on Facebook and will always use it for exposure. This week, however, Facebook is trying to prove me wrong. A […]

The 2014 State of Content Marketing Survey is Now Open

Calling All Marketing Decision-Makers! We are excited to announce the launch of our second annual State of Content Marketing Survey, a professional study of the marketing landscape to reflect on the industry in 2013 and learn what practitioners feel 2014 will bring in regard to content online. You may recall seeing last year’s survey, from […]