Daily Links: February 1, 2012

Start the new month right by updating yourself with what shook up the world of social media and Internet marketing today, as reported by Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, SEO Moz Blog, Web Pro News and Business 2 Community.

Facebook IPO: Social Hype or Sound Investment

As early as tomorrow, Facebook is expected to file paperwork for an initial public offering (IPO). The social media giant is reportedly hoping to raise $10 billion on a valuation of $100 billion. According to many experts, Facebook’s revenue, which eMarketer estimates was approximately $4.4 billion last year, is not high enough to warrant a [...]

 Digital Asset Management Strategies to Grow Your Audience

Digital marketing optimization is more than just optimizing the media and content for search engine rankings. Your digital asset manager can leverage every asset to gain a wider audience and opportunities for sharing and linking to your content. […]

3 Keys to Optimizing Your PPC Campaign Structure

Campaign structure optimization is critical, but remains woefully undervalued. Let’s look at the three main areas you should focus on when creating the structure of your account: relevancy, better budget control, and advanced targeting. […]

U.S. Mobile Ad Spending Forecast to Exceed $2.6 Billion in 2012

Due to the rapid growth of mobile phones in the world and the advancement of Google’s mobile search advertising business, mobile ad spending is expected to grow past $2.6 billion in 2012. Overall ad share for Google is around 51 percent. […]

The SEOmoz Help Team: How We Do Customer Service

Have you ever wondered how SEOmoz supports 15,000 PRO members and over 250,000 free members and blog readers? The six mozzers that make up the Help Team answer all of the emails, phone calls, and chat requests we get every day. This post is going to talk a little bit about them and give you a look at the way we’ve built the SEOmoz support channels to meet our overall goal: […]

Google Panda Update In “Plain English” [Infographic]

There’s been a lot more going on with Google’s algorithm since the Panda update, but Panda continues on, keeping webmasters on their toes. SingleGrain has attempted to simplify what you need to know about Panda in a new infographic: […]

Pinterest Referrals Beat YouTube, Google+, & Reddit Combined

As we reported here before, referral traffic from Pinterest is rising fast. Today, Shareaholic released January 2012 referral traffic numbers that pin that number where it belongs. It turns out, in the month of January, Pinterest referral traffic was greater […]

Facebook And Twitter Could Be Good For Your Brain

Recent research by social psychologists suggests that a large and complex virtual social network (such as can exist on Facebook), combined with real face to face social interaction, creates and maintains a healthier brain. Bickart et al. have discovered that […]

Twitter CEO: Don’t Worry About Censorship

Twitter users are pretty angry over the company’s new censorship policy. Twitter’s CEO thinks you worry too much. PC Mag is reporting that Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo spoke Monday evening at the “Dive Into Media” conference hosted by All Things […]

5 Tips for Expanding Facebook Reach with Sponsored Stories Ads

Are the “Likes” on your Facebook Page plateauing? Even if you’re mixing up the content and finding new ways to encourage sharing, it’s still possible to experience slow growth. Why? Because there are 800 million active users on Facebook, sharing 4 billion ‘things’ per day. […]

3 Super Easy Ways to Fill Your Lead Cycle

A lead cycle, or sales funnel, is the backbone of any business. These are the people interested in your product or service. Obviously the goal is to move people along the lead cycle until they make a purchase. Of course, before you have buyers you have to fill your lead cycle with prospects. […]

Reasons Why You Keep Losing Twitter Followers

Are you tired of losing more and more Twitter followers every day? You don’t have to lose them but it will require you to change what you are doing. What most people don’t realize is the reason they are losing Twitter followers is because they are the ones doing something wrong. […]

3 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Email Marketing Agency

Three questions you should ask your email marketing company Are you thinking about asking an email marketing company to manage your email marketing for you? Before you make your decision, here are three questions you always ask: […]

Is Negative Content Quite So… Well… Negative?

When we start developing a content marketing strategy with any business, there are a few questions we ask to ensure everybody is on the same page. These can range from everyday questions about the target audience, to whether or not they require negative news about their own industry. […]

Become a Pinterest Pro in 5 Easy Steps

With the amount of press it’s gotten lately, you’ve most likely already heard about Pinterest, a new – and increasingly popular – social networking site. Pinterest is unique in that you aren’t sharing pictures or status updates about your life […]

Blogging For Your Brand: 3 Factors To Consider

In September 2010, I wrote about the benefits of leveraging a blog for your personal brand. Going into 2012, it still remains to be a great way to shape and promote your brand online. The benefits gained from blogging can lead to great success, whether it’s to securing a job or becoming an expert in your field. […]

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