Daily Links: February 23, 2012

It’s another day of the week, and the online press spurred a new set of online marketing news for today. From SEOmoz, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Land; be in the know with the latest Internet marketing news that’s giving the World Wide Web a buzz.

The 2 User Metrics That Matter for SEO

In the wake of Google’s Panda updates, there’s been a lot of fear regarding user metrics and how they impact SEO.  Many people are afraid that “bad” signals in analytics data, especially high bounce rates and low time-on-site, could potentially harm their rankings. […]

How Offering Workshops Can Help You Bring In Clients Over Time

Because I own my own company I know how hard it can be to continually bring in new clients and keep a steady flow of income. You have to have a plan for 6+ months down the road and offering workshops or classes might just help you. […]

Managing Your Online Reputation in Foreign Languages

Establishing a reputation for a business or brand online takes time and effort. Losing that good reputation, on the other hand, can happen in the blink of an eye. A switched-on business is aware of what is being said about their product or service and who is saying it, poised to step in and manage potential reputational damage. […]

Twitter Tries to Hook Local SMBs on Self-Serve Advertising

Twitter and American Express have announced a new partnership that will see the companies offer $100 of complimentary Twitter advertising to the first 10,000 SMBs that sign up. Businesses must have American Express accounts; such participants will temporarily gain exclusive access to Twitter’s much-anticipated self-service advertising system. […]

Track & Segment You Way to More Accurate Bounce Rates

It’s one of those seemingly evergreen questions: Why is our bounce rate so high? Isn’t that bad? To quote Bill Murray from “Ghostbusters”, I’m fuzzy on this whole good/bad thing. First of all, what is a bounce? It’s a visitor who comes to your site, looks at the one page he or she landed on, then leaves your site entirely. […]

How to Focus Your PPC Analysis & Optimization

PPC managers, as a rule, are completely swamped. But that doesn’t mean we can’t also increase productivity when managing campaigns. One core tactic to get more done when managing PPC is to achieve a zen-like state of focus when analyzing data. The more focused your analysis and optimization is, the faster you can manage campaigns and sooner your performance will improve. […]

Google Enhances Ad Sitelinks

Google is upping its game with improvements to ad sitelinks. The new sitelink option gives users more options while delivering more clicks for advertisers. On average, Google said the click through rate (CTR) is 30 percent higher for ads with sitelinks than those without. […]

Bing Linked Pages: Better People Search Results

Linked Pages lets you tell Bing which pages in the search results are specifically about your friend. The example Microsoft gave was the common name John Smith, but it also works with less common names such as Barry Schwartz. If you follow search, you are probably more interested in seeing information about me than maybe the famous psychologist or Cofounder of Calvin Klein. […]

7 Steps To Achieving Nirvana By Using A Media Plan

Due to the agile and complex nature of paid search, managing a paid search program can often degenerate into a constant barrage of fire drills and ad hoc report requests. I have been there and it is not fun. I have also found that there is a way to dig out of this chaos and achieve SEM nirvana. […]

Google Recommending New Video Schema.org Markup

Google announced on the Google Webmaster Central blog that they are now adding video support for schema.org. They are doing this in combination with Microsoft Bing and Yahoo Search as a “joint effort.” […]

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