Daily Links: February 9, 2012

Today is another day, and the online marketing industry once again delivers the latest news straight from the press. If you’re looking for a great SEO source, best link building tool, or just want to know what’s new on the Internet marketing world, then you’re in the right place. Here are today’s daily online and social media marketing news from Search Engine Journal, SEOmoz, Search Engine Land, and other resources.

The Best Link Building Tool You’ve Never Heard Of: ahrefs.com

I love SEO tools. I’m always building or looking for really cool tools. With the demise of Yahoo Site explorer, a number of companies are attempting to fill the void, including SEOMoz, Majestic Tools and Link Research Tools. My favorite Yahoo replacement is a tool that you’ve probably never heard of: ahrefs. […]

LinkAssistant – A Review of Options and Benefits

LinkAssistant is a part of the SEO PowerSuite and can help you with your link partner set-up and management. I recently tested out the software and I am going to breakdown some of its features and how the tool is used. […]

Using blekko’s SEO Data to Evaluate Web Directories

If you haven’t tried it out yet, blekko.com is a unique search engine. Along with allowing you to customize your own search results (or view results customized by one of its editors) it transparently provides a plethora of data showing why it ranks sites in the search results. […]

9 Quality Blogs to Help Learn SEO

I began working with SEO.com just before Christmas so I’m pretty new to the SEO game. I’ve basically learned that the only way to start grasping SEO is to jump right in to it. So I have put together a list of blogs that are serving as valuable teaching tools. My hope is that anyone new to SEO can benefit from this list just like I have. […]

Lots of National Advertisers as Ignoring Basic Local Search Tactics

There are a lot of national advertisers/marketers who should be, but aren’t, taking full advantage of the most basic local search marketing tactics. That’s the main conclusion to be drawn from a new study by GMS Local. […]

How to Make Unstructured Data Actionable in Display

I wrote recently about the new era of display marketing, and how real time bidding and other advances are bringing the precision and performance of search advertising to display. Well…a new era of unstructured data is also upon us. […]

Bing Testing New Search Results Design

Bing is testing a new design for the search results layout. The new design seems a lot cleaner, fresher and more organized compared to the older design. Jason Hart tipped us off listing out the key differences. […]

Wolfram|Alpha Goes Pro With Powerful Data Analysis & Presentation Tools

Wolfram|Alpha (W|A) is launching a new fee-based service named Wolfram|Alpha Pro. In today’s highly competitive environment, you may wonder why W|A would ask people to pay for what many think should be free. […]

Google Screenwise: New Program Pays You To Give Up Privacy & Surf The Web With Chrome

Google is quietly taking requests from web users who want to get paid to surf the web using the Chrome browser while sharing data with Google. The program is called Screenwise and, though we’re not aware of any official announcement, Google has a signup page at www.google.com/landing/screenwisepanel. […]

The Neuroscience Of Search & Conversion

The one thing all of your search traffic brings with it is a human brain. It’s easy to think that our search visitors aren’t coming with any brain at all. How can they possibly decide against what we have to offer? If they weren’t going to take action, why click on the ad? […]

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