Daily Links: January 27, 2012

As the weekend approaches, new insights of the coming days are emerging. As reported by SEOmoz, SEO Book, ClickZ and various online marketing resources, new trends are coming your way. Continue reading to see what’s hot in the Internet marketing industry today:

Are You Wasting Your Budget with Online Press Release Distribution

The title of this post may come across a little contentious, however I hope by the end of it you understand where I am coming from. Over the years, I have been privileged enough to work with some large businesses that can afford to throw big budgets at online marketing. One of the first tasks I undertake is a meeting to discuss previous strategies. […]

Study Shows Rapid Evolution of QR Marketing

Rapid adoption of QR codes and other action codes is only part of the story in a new study. More important is the way that marketers are learning to use them more effectively. Nellymoser, Inc. released a study of all 2011 issues of the top 100 U.S. magazines. It found that advertising drove the 439 percent increase in action codes from January through December. […]

Internet Usage on Smartphones Continues to Climb

If you watch the commercials on TV, it’s easy to believe that the entire population of the Earth is walking around with a smartphone in their pocket. Not true, but that day is slowly approaching. Google conducted a study of cell phone users in the US, the UK, France, Germany and Japan and found that globally, smartphones are on the rise. […]

Google+ Lowers their Age Requirement to Allow Young Teens

Google+ has just lowered their minimum age requirement from 18 to 13. Young teens everywhere couldn’t care less. Google VP Bradley Horowitz makes a great pitch though. […]

Google Adjusts How Average Search Position is Calculated

Google continues to make changes in different areas of their business. Apparently, how that business is defined is causing pains for Wall Street types which is rather amusing, but I digress. […]

Millenial Launches App Retargeting Program

In its updated mobile ad forecast released Wednesday, eMarketer ranked Millennial Media third behind only Google and Apple, with a 17.7% share of ad dollars last year. Aiming to gain more ground on its rivals, the mobile ad network has rolled out a new service allowing brands to retarget people who previously downloaded their apps. […]

4 Reasons why Entitlements are the Future of Digital Content

Not long ago, owning content meant holding a physical item – either you had a disc in hand, or you didn’t. Distribution and storage may have changed dramatically with digital formats, but ownership was still mostly defined by the files you had on your local device. Remember how iTunes reminded you to back up often or risk losing everything? […]

Browsing, Editing, and Managing YouTube Videos Just Got a Little Easier

Do you like to browse YouTube videos? I use the Browse page at YouTube an awful lot–it’s one of the ways I’m able to stay on top of what’s happening in online video. And I’ve had some personal issues with the layout and design for some time. Today, YouTube updates the browse page design, and in doing so fills me with.  […]

Pay-per Click Services

If you choose, you can also employ Pay-Per-Click services. Our CEO and others in the company are PPC experts that can help you boost your caseload whenever you need temporary increases or want to minutely target otherwise unprofitable small niches. Employing us and our Denver SEO services also makes your PPC costs go down because we support and raise what Google calls a quality score that directly lowers PPC cost and improves position. […]

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