Daily Links: January 30, 2012

Today, we bring you what different news sites featured over the weekend that concerns Internet and social media marketing. Below is the list of news and posts that are worth checking out, as reported by Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, SEOmoz, Search Engine Land, Web Pro News and Business 2 Community.

Google Plus Promotes Network and New Security Features to Young Teens and Parents

On Thursday afternoon, Google+ announced that the rapidly growing social network is now available to teens ages 13 and up. Although minors can sign up for and use Google+, the social network also introduced new privacy and security changes designed to protect underage users. Bradley Horowitz, Google’s VP of products, said the following of the [...]

Report Affirms Strong Q4 Search Growth In 2011, Offers Additional Insights

Marketers have had a couple weeks to digest their fourth quarter numbers and assess their successes and failures from a period that can be a whirlwind, particularly in the retail sector. Now, with Google’s Q4 earnings report and Yahoo’s out, we’re getting a chance to compare our own performance to data put out by some [...]

7 Steps to Prepare for the Search Alliance in the UK

After a year’s delay, Microsoft adCenter will start to power the PPC results on Yahoo UK in Q2 of 2012. Discussion of its potential for success aside, here are some useful links and an action plan for preparing UK paid search campaigns. […]

Measuring ROI: How to Collect Meaningful PPC Conversion Data

Learn how you can track and collect significant conversion data and then bring it all together in one dashboard. Use these three levels of conversion data tracking that vary in terms of pros/cons, costs, effectiveness, and sophistication. […]

Google’s “Trusted Photographers” Turns Business Photos Into A Self-Serve Product

Google is hoping to expand its Business Photos product with the launch of a new service called “Trusted Photographers” that essentially makes the process entirely self-service. Local businesses that are interested in having interior photos taken can use the new Business Photos website to find a “trusted photographer.” The business owner and photographer are supposed [...]

Twitter Buys Startup Dasient to Fight Malicious Advertising

Twitter has acquired security startup Dasient, which describes itself as an anti-malware vendor for large enterprises in the financial services, media, and online sectors. Its technology will be housed within Twitter’s revenue engineering team. […]

QR Marketing Evolving Rapidly [Study]

Marketers are learning to use QR codes and other action codes more effectively. A new study of all 2011 issues of the top 100 U.S. magazines. It found that advertising drove the 439 percent increase in action codes from January through December. […]

Want Guest Post Links? Find Them Via Twitter [TOOL]

For a long time I’ve been pulling an RSS feed from Twitter for the query: “guest post” OR “guest author” [TOPIC] into my Google Reader. Every morning I would check it, blaze through 15-20 URLs — most of which were the same URL being tweeted. Then, I’d record the best guest post opportunities, reach out to bloggers, publish a guest post and get links. It was a great strategy and resulted in a lot of guest post links. […]

Reach and Frequency: SEO Secret to Brand Building on Google?

SEO has reached a point where you could make an argument that some traditional metrics of building a brand should be incorporated into reporting of “success” for SEO. If you can build the brand, shouldn’t it help natural search engine rankings? […]

SOPA Was Only the Beginning: ACTA Gets International Push Back

As we touched on earlier, as members of the European Union sign ACTA into something of an existence — it still requires ratification from the European Union parliament — various EU citizens have decided to fight back against ACTA. Unfortunately, while these protests are getting noticed, the ruling governments signed the treaty anyway. […]

Google Privacy Changes: Notifications Now Appearing Upon Log-In

Google really wants to make sure you know about the new changes to its privacy policy. They’ve been sending emails to people with Google accounts. Earlier we reported on emails they’re sending to Google Apps admins. […]

AdWords Email Capturing Feature: Aweber On How It’s Working For Them

Late last month, we looked at a Google AdWords feature the company is testing, which allows advertisers to promote their email newsletters and actually get subscribers right from the ad. It has tremendous potential for email marketing, and illustrates a great cross-platform strategy between email and search. […]

WordPress.Com Chrome Extension Launched

WordPress announced the launch of a new WordPress.com Chrome extension which gives you access to a number of WordPress.com features and notifications while you’re away from WordPress.com. This should prove to be pretty handy for a lot of bloggers. Users will get notifications anytime they get a new follower or like. […]

How to Create the Perfect Homepage for Your Website

How to create a home page for maximum impact Almost every business is on the internet now. The competition for the top spot on Google is increasing and the pressure to compete via a high quality home page and website is growing all the time. Here’s how to create a home page that delivers: […]

How to Marry Content Marketing with your Employees’ Strengths

Ok, we’ve all heard it before. “I don’t have time…I don’t know what to write about…I don’t want my writing to be judged”. You may hear these excuses from your coworkers if you ask them to contribute to the corporate blog or any other content marketing program. The truth is, blogging isn’t for everyone (and may never be). […]

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