Daily Links: March 2, 2012

Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, SEOmoz and Web Pro News once again share the latest in Internet marketing today. Check out these links to find out what’s up in SEO and search engine marketing.

Is SEO Really SEO Anymore? Index Search Down 50%, Apps and Social Search Exploding

Recently, the game-changer to rule them all occurred; as we know, search engines have moved social. For SEO content developers, this means we’ve got to get our content onto social networking platforms. And in order to do this, it’s got to get used, and it’s got to keep the user in mind. But there’s another [...]

Facebook Marketing Conference: More Intrusive Ads Are on the Way

On Wednesday, Facebook hosted the first Facebook Marketing Conference at the Museum of Natural History in New York. The primary purpose of the conference was to introduce influential marketers to the new Premium suite of Facebook advertising products. The new Premium suite of ads will utilize a new pricing structure that is based on impact. [...]

Consumers Need Keep Social Comments Close to Chest to Avoid Identity Theft

Have you considered the unfortunate event of identity theft?  A Washington Post article directs attention to a recent report; 36 million people experienced ‘breaches’ in 2011.  A security breach doesn’t guarantee someone adopts your identity; but, it’s not a great situation to be in: “Those who suffer data breaches are 9.5 times more likely to be [...]

5 Reasons Why Small Business Owners Distrust SEO

While you’d expect great enthusiasm for the new online economy, you often hear frustration and bitterness. Why is small business so mistrustful of online marketing? And what is so special about SEO that has them particularly distrustful? […]

Instagram: 10 Tips to Tell Your Brand’s Story 1,000 Words at a Time

As brands jump into the Internet’s latest darling site, Pinterest, other brands are doubling down on Instagram, a place where they can actually create content as well as share. Here are 10 ways brands can make the most out of Instagram. […]

78 Resources For Every Internet Marketer’s Toolkit

These free or affordable SEO tools, link building tools, coding tools, conversion tools, convenience tools, social media tools, forums, news and blogs, and social profiles will help keep your marketing up to date and help you do your job better. […]

Spreading Santorum Loses Its Frothy Sport Atop Google

Rick Santorum’s sticky spreading problem has dropped in Google’s SERPs, replaced (briefly) in the top organic spot by an even fouler Urban Dictionary result. Was it a manual adjustment, algorithmic changes, poor SEO, or a combination of factors? […]

11 Google Analytics Tricks to Use for Your Website

Do you know what is the most common question that I get every day on social media, forums or email? “How to get insights about my Google Analytics data?” People approach me saying that they have a Google Analytics account for years, but they look only at page views or the number of visitors they get. […]

Google’s New Privacy Policy: Are You Freaked Out?

We’ve known for a while that Google was consolidating its privacy policies into one main one (with a few product exceptions), and today is the day that this goes into effect. What it all boils down to is that Google […]

YouTube Channels Get New Look March 7th 

Time is ticking to update your new YouTube channel. YouTube unveiled its new channels look in December, but are trying to have everyone caught up by March 7th. The update includes new templates for channels and new features across the […]

Zynga Wants You To Play On Their Turf 

If you’re tired of playing Zynga games on Facebook or smartphones, then the social game company has the perfect solution. Zynga announced today the launch of the creatively titled Zynga Platform, which will be a new social games portal for […]

Tumblr Updates No Self-Harm Blog Policy 

Last week, Tumblr announced a new policy that drew some mixed responses, and now they’ve made some clarifications in the hopes of making things clearer to their millions of users. The new policy will ban so called “self-harm” blogs, defined […]

Google Analytics Gets Some UI Tweaks 

Google announced the launch of an updated user interface for Google Analytics. The company says the tweaks were in response to user feedback (they do listen sometimes). “We are particularly proud of the attention to detail that our user experience […]

foursquare Upgrades Maps With MapBox, Dumps Google Maps API 

Since everybody’s getting prettier maps these days, foursquare didn’t want to be left out of the fun so they announced today that they’re upgrading the quality of their maps with the help of a new mapping startup, MapBox. All of […]

Pinterest Infographics Reveal Marketing Potential 

The good folks at Modea, a branding and technology agency from Blacksburg, VA, produced this Pinteresting infographic on important Pinterest demographics. (say it five times, fast) You’ll notice that the majority (68.2%) of users are women. Anyone with a Pinterest […]

Google’s New Privacy Policy: A Rundown 

Unless you’ve been avoiding the internet completely for the last month or so you probably know that Google’s new privacy policy goes into effect today. We’ve been covering this story since Google first announced the changes near the end of […]

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