Fresh Pressed: 1/16/2014

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My Prediction For Email Open Rates In 2014

With Google’s recent Gmail update significantly changing the way it handles cached images, they have also updated the desktop interface to display images by default. This is the most fundamental change in the default view of an email since Outlook and ISPs began blocking images by default more than five years ago. The primary […]

3 Powerful Ways to Maximize Automation in Your Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around for a very long time. In the early days, marketers used the “batch and blast” method of reaching potential customers. Because the recipients were happy to read their email when it came in small quantities, those early marketers were happy to read their email when it came in small […]

Why Online Retailers Should Enclose the Checkout Process

Checkout abandonment continues to be a major topic in ecommerce, and one which retailers have plenty of options to deal with. According to stats from Salecycle, checkout abandonment rates in Q2 2013 averaged 75.5% across all industry verticals. One way to reduce abandonment rates is to enclose the checkout process, and remove distractions that […]

Google Launches WordPress Plugin For AdSense And Webmaster Tools

Google has released a new plugin for publishers using WordPress. The official Google Publisher Plugin offers support for Google AdSense and Google Webmaster Tools, with more services will likely to be added in the future. This is a beta release, so as an early adopter you’re also a test case. Google said in the […]

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