Fresh Pressed: 1/22/2013

Today’s Category: Content Creation

How to Get Great Blogging Ideas from Social Media

“The best way to be heard is to whisper.” I’m not sure who said that, but I’ve always liked that thought. Today, I’m going to whisper a golden secret into your ear. I want to make sure you hear me, because it’s a good one! Today’s secret is about how to get great blogging […]

Blog With Purpose: 3 Tips to Start

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is creating articles of no value for their blog. I know most businesses understand that blogging can be very helpful, but they are not sure what they should be blogging about. I am going to give you some ideas that can be helpful. I would also consider […]

Solving the Content Creation Conundrum

Content marketing remains the bright, shiny objet du jour for marketers, even as they work to figure out how to best implement it and measure results. Content marketing is attracting its share of marketers’ budgets — 12% on average — and more than half of marketers plan to spend even more in the coming […]

5 Landing Page Headline Formulas You Can Test Today

Ever notice those “conversion copywriting” techniques you read about for ugly, hard-to-stomach long-form sales pages? When you implement those techniques, you end up with lengthy, nearly impossible to believe headlines, like this one: Make Your Marketing Stand Out in ANY Crowd, Command More Attention and Get Read More Often – Dramatically Improving Response and Boosting […]

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