Fresh Pressed: 1/23/2014

Today’s Category: Curation

Facebook Basically Just Told Brands to Stop Posting Text-Only Status Updates

In a blog post yesterday, Facebook confirmed what every social media manager with an eye on their analytics could tell you: text status updates just don’t get the same kind of engagement as photos and rich links. So the social media giant is tweaking the carefully crafted algorithm that controls what you see in […]

Get Off My Lawn, Google+

Google took extra steps this week to solidify Google+ as the social media platform that everyone will be using, even if they don’t want to. Gmail users fumed at the announcement this week that users of Google+ can now e-mail anyone in their circles, even without having their actual address. Over at YouTube, users […]

Social Media Training: 10 Reasons Why You Need A Community Manager

Multitasking is one of our greatest talents in the 21st century. With the technological advance of cell phones and easy navigable platforms in social media, we tend to be able to handle more than one job. In a lot of cases, social media outfits use employees to manage various tasks involving that company’s digital […]

How to Network with Influential People Using Twitter

Do you want to use Twitter to promote your business? Are you looking for ways to build relationships that matter on Twitter? In this article, you’ll discover how to build a strong Twitter community with influencers, which will benefit your business. Building Connections With Twitter Using Twitter to help your company grow isn’t about […]

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