Fresh Pressed: 1/25/2013

Today’s Category: Conversion

Holy Grail of eCommerce Conversion Optimization – 91 Point Checklist and Infographic

Whether you’re selling pajamas, concert tickets, shoes or shaving blades; e-commerce today has evolved and humanized beyond just convenience shopping . It is therefore imperative that you stop seeing people who land on your store as ‘traffic'; but as real human visitors. People come to your store and engage at various levels (let’s call […]

How to Make Your Email Open and Click-Through Rates Skyrocket

Are you getting what you want from email marketing? Many people who run an online business don’t have a great understanding of how email marketing works, nor do they know what they really can achieve with email marketing. And that’s not to mention the fact that everyone and their mother is engaged in email […]

10 Reasons Smart Companies Use Webinars For Lead Gen [Infographic]

You’re smart right? You host regular webinars that collect a boatload of leads. I guess you can stop reading then. But if you don’t, I have 10 reasons why you should. Okay, I lied. There aren’t 10 reasons. But what I do have is even better… 5 reasons why you should use webinars for […]

7 Marketing Metrics Worth Obsessing Over

Marketers need to measure a lot of things in order to get better. Not everyone does and those that do sometimes measure the wrong things. The obvious things like leads and sales revenue are important, but they’re quite often just a measure of what is and not an accurate measure of what could be […]

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