Fresh Pressed: 1/30/2014

Today’s Category: Conversion

Facing Tough Choices — Paid Versus Organic Reach

In an eye-opening post, Francisco Rosales demonstrated how the organic reach of his content on Facebook dropped 90 percent in one week, a trend he fears will portend a future where businesses are going to have to count more and more on paid media and less on true organic reach. Christopher Penn expressed the […]

How Trust Signals Can Double Your Conversions

The role customer reviews are playing on the conversion landscape is increasing significantly, with more shoppers looking to friends and peers for guidance on purchasing decisions. However, reviews are just one factor, and there are other ways to reassure your customers that they are safe when shopping with you. The stats, According to Nielsen […]

Is Driving Traffic to Your Website Driving Customers Away?

The vast majority of digital marketing seems to be focused on creating content and experiences for customers with the ultimate measure of success being increased traffic to the company website, leading to leads and sales. It’s a reasonable approach, since company websites typically provide the kinds of information that explain what a company does, […]

How to Reduce Website Bounce Rate and Make Your First 10 Seconds Count

The web is a busy place. People are in a rush to find the answer to a question, directions to a restaurant, or reviews of a local business. They can’t be bothered with irrelevant content that doesn’t serve their immediate needs. In fact, research indicates that when it comes to concentrating on one thing […]

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