Fresh Pressed: 10/12/2012

Today’s Category: Miscellaneous

Job Seekers Choose Facebook Over LinkedIn, Twitter [STUDY]

LinkedIn may be the social network of choice for the professional world, but more job seekers are hunting for work on Facebook, according to a new survey. Still, both networks — and Twitter — appear to be taking over the employment search space at a rapid clip. Some 52% of job seekers use Facebook to help […]

16 Examples Of Microscopic Attention To Detail In UX Design

It is the little things in life that count, according to the old adage, and this is certainly true as far as user experience is concerned. The devil really is in the detail. All too often some minor oversight on a website makes me furrow my brow, but more and more websites are taking […]

Practical Tips For Central Management Of Multiple Sites

Many large enterprises face the challenge of dealing with a diverse portfolio of sites. This by itself is very complex, but that complexity is multiplied when those sites are operated by different teams of people. Some common scenarios where this happens are: Different product lines that are owned and operated by different business units […]

10 Branding Lessons That Every Business Graduate Should Know (But Doesn’t)

The conventional wisdom in the business world is that if you want to be an entrepreneur, then you need to get an MBA. The MBA will teach you the principles behind running both young and mature companies, how to avoid mistakes and even the theory needed to build a profitable brand. What’s interesting is […]

Why Do Infographics Make Great Marketing Tools? [Infographic]

We’ll dig into the stats behind why infographics are so effective as a marketing tool. As you’ll notice from the graphic above, people are searching for infographics like crazy! An 800% increase in searches on Google in just the last two years. And if you read on, you’ll see a lot of stats about [….]

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