Fresh Pressed: 11/30/2012

Today’s Category: Conversion

Could content marketing replace the SEO department?

A couple of weeks ago I was on a panel to discuss the role of content marketing to coincide with the release of Econsultancy’s Content Marketing Survey Report. I was principally there to represent the publisher’s side of this new approach, but one comment I made seemed to cause a stir […]

Using Time To Stop Undervaluing Channel Performance

Standard channel performance analysis makes the assumption that a click from all channels behaves the same way. Picture your weekly performance report – in a given week you observe x clicks and y conversions coming from a given channel (eg PPC, Organic search, Display, Remarketing Facebook […]

6 Ways You’re Undermining Your Email Campaigns Before You Even Write Them

The talents and technologies required to put together a good email might lead you to expect that the primary challenges inherent in email blasts are creative or technical. But nothing can be further from the truth. As this article makes plain, the main questions you have to answer when putting together a blast are strategic […]

6 Points for Success Content Marketing to Drive Targeted Traffic

Nowadays writing content and making online videos with ample research is not enough for it to be deemed a success. A well-written article, blog or a well-made music video can bite dust, if it is not marketed well. This is where content marketing comes into picture. Content marketing plays a [...]

How to Get More Customers With the Same Amount of Traffic

At the end of the day, there are really only two ways to get more customers for an online business. Yup, just two. Every fancy growth hack, marketing strategy, and “Top 10 Ways to Be Awesome” blog post falls into one of the two strategies. You’re already super familiar [...]