Fresh Pressed: 11/4/2013

Today’s Category: Content Creation

Nonprofit Blogging Advice

As a nonprofit minor in college, I learned that in many ways, nonprofits function just like for profit companies. But one of the biggest distinctions is that many nonprofits are too cash strapped to afford the marketing budgets of their counterparts. But blogging is a free (or very cheap) way to level the playing […]

12 Most Dynamic Techniques for Including Stories in Your Presentations

Well-crafted, relevant stories can be an effective part of your presentation, whether you are presenting to colleagues, clients, prospects or management. They can help you connect with your audience and clearly communicate your message. Stories also make it easier for your audience to remember what you’ve said. If you rely on coming up with […]

Eight Unconventional Tips for Better Blog Post Ideas

As a blogger, I’ve come across a lot of well-worn advice on generating ideas. Much of the advice out there is very useful – like using mindmapping, or setting side time for idea generation. Chances are, though, you’ve heard it all before. So today, I wanted to share some tips you might not have come […]

Oh no! I Have a Blog Post to Write!

How did this happen? You have a blog post due and you have no idea what to write or if you have enough time to write it. Chances are you have found yourself in this situation – I know I have. When this happens, you find yourself scrambling to get the post done and hoping […]

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