Fresh Pressed: 11/11/2013

Today’s Category: Content Creation

Where To Find Copyright Free Images For Your Blog

I think most people believe that blogging is all about writing.  Whilst that is obviously important, blogging is also a very visual medium.  You need to engage with your audience and grab their attention with striking images and graphics.  But where do you find free images for your blog?  Well we have put this […]

4 Steps for Creating Interview-Style Content For Your Blog

Mixing up the type of content that you share on your business blog can create a more enjoyable experience for your readers as relying on the same old format for every blog post can make your content become stale over time. To help you out, we recently shared a variety of content formats that […]

Woot! Are You Having Fun With Your Copy?

Have you ever visited Woot!? You may think that it’s just another online bargain website. Technically, that is true. But, even if you don’t want to find a limited-time offer on some random item or find an awesome shirt, as a copywriter, you need to check out this website. Why? Because Woot! doesn’t just […]

I Am a Blogger. In Other Words, a Piece of Meat.

I would like for you to imagine this situation. Your boss asks you to create a new marketing plan for your company. You go to a competitor’s site and you like what they have done so you copy their original content (and even the illustrations) and claim that this is now your own marketing […]

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