Fresh Pressed: 2/10/2014

Today’s Category: Content Creation

Longer Is Better for Blog Content: Truth Or Myth?

350, 500, 1,000, 1,500, 2,000… all of these numbers have been thrown at us when it comes to creating blog content. Some sources say shorter blogs are better because your audience doesn’t have time to read. Other sources say longer blogs are ideal because they build credibility, authority and SERPs. Finally, there are still […]

The Demanding Schedules of Copywriters

I recently had the good fortune of being able to enjoy a family ski holiday in Austria. In advance of travelling to the beautiful ski resort of Mayrhofen, I arranged my schedule to complete all imminent projects before I left the UK and planned new ones for my return. However, in spite of all […]

3 Lesser-Known Blogging Tips to Create A Massively Popular Blog

Did you know that ~90% of the blogs never make even $100? The reason is simple. Everyone starts a blog or website to drive more traffic and make more money. No one really cares about answering the question – what’s in it for me. Most online marketers say you have to create and develop your […]

14 Creative Ways To Use Video Marketing

Are you looking for a creative way to showcase your business or website? Why not embrace video marketing? Creating videos is a highly successful marketing strategy. However, it is one that requires a bit of thought and effort. This can make the task seem daunting. However, there is nothing to fear! There are tons […]

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