Fresh Pressed: 2/18/2013

Today’s Category: Content Creation

Content Strategy: 9 Secrets for Awesome Blog Post Titles

If you’re like many content marketers, you may be missing out on a key part of a successful content strategy: excellent blog post titles. After agonizing over creating perfect, thorough, compelling content, it’s so easy to forget the title until the very last minute. We’ve all been there, and we should all be ashamed. [...]

How To Get Website Content From Your Fans

The relentless need to continuously create new content pains marketers across all verticals. In fact, 20 percent of B2B companies cited “producing enough content” as their greatest marketing challenge. Fortunately, marketing teams can offset content creation demands through user-generated content. There are many ways to collect content for your website from your fans, followers […]

The Power Of Visuals In Content Marketing (Infographic)

We see the rise of visual social interest networks like Pinterest. Look at the power of visuals in content marketing in this infographic full of insights and trends. Our friends from Shutterstock provide many bloggers and influencers of the social web with great photos, visuals and videos. But what is the true power of […]

3 Reasons Meme Parodies Make For Bad Content

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this past week, you’ve no doubt been inundated with numerous variations of the Harlem Shake video. Though it seems like every business, organization and team in the world has posted their own take on “Sh*t (Somethings) Say,” “Call Me Maybe,” “Dollar Shave Club” and “Gangnam Style,” it’s […]

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