Fresh Pressed: 2/20/2013

Today’s Category: Curation

Social media measurement: Is Google Analytics getting it wrong?

Marketers are struggling to attribute revenue to social channels, and lack of definable ROI is one of the major reasons that businesses cut back on social investment. I spend a lot of time looking at our own social attribution, but it strikes me that in many cases, the closer I look, the less clear a picture I have. This isn’t because the figures I have to work with aren’t clear. It’s because, in a lot of cases, they might not be true…

Vine Analytics Already? Yep. And Free, Too

If you’re one of those super-early adopters of Vine, there’s already a way to get a basic snapshot of how your six-second videos are performing. The folks at Simply Measured have launched a simple Vine statistics report that brands or individuals can use. The service is basically free; it only costs you a tweet […]

15 Metrics Every Marketing Manager Should Be Tracking

A marketer who is skilled at using data — whether you’re entry-level or a CMO — is a powerful force. Having data at your side will help you make smart decisions, suggest fast changes when necessary, and find opportunities for different marketing channels and teams to work together. Who doesn’t want that? Quite often […]

What Can Audi Teach You About Your Twitter Metrics?

Breaking down your Twitter metrics can cause a headache, and that’s if you know what to look for. If you don’t, it can cause a nightmare. All the “big data” in the world doesn’t make a difference if you don’t know how to use it to develop a set of action plans and next […]

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