Fresh Pressed: 2/3/2014

Today’s Category: Content Creation

8 Ways to Use Video the Right Way on Your Blog

Bored of making the same old posts about the same old things on you blog or site? Even if you aren’t, your readers might be looking forward to some different content. So if you haven’t considered it yet, think about creating a few videos for your upcoming posts. Thanks to webcams and smartphones, you […]

Blog Content: The Future of Guest Posts and Date Stamping

In our most contentious episode yet, Robert and I debate a declaration of the demise of guest blog content, argue with analysts’ view of the value of Twitter, and take issue with some blogs’ lack of transparent date stamping. Then, we take a deep breath before shifting our focus to an amazing, electricity-free content […]

Your Content is Like the Polar Vortex

Writer’s note: It’s possible that this post is really cranky because I am cold… Oh dear lord, has this been the wintriest winter ever, or what? It is wreaking havoc on most of the population of the US. Cancelled flights, schools closed, the Super Bowl on SATURDAY?!?! We have had not one, but TWO […]

Why Designers Should get Paid for Proposals

It was late at night in the office. I was putting on the finishing touches on a proposal; the request for proposal (RFP) stated the deadline was tomorrow. I finished it up and sent it off to the prospective client, thinking to myself that sending it late at night will show them how committed […]

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