Fresh Pressed: 2/6/2014

Today’s Category: Conversion

How Marketers Can Drive Engagement at Every Phase of the Purchase Cycle

It’s not just the moment of purchase that matters. To successfully build customer loyalty requires fresh marketing strategies at every phase of the purchase cycle: before, during, and after. Before deciding to spend their hard-earned money with your brand, consumers receive countless messages that detail product announcements and ways to save money. To break […]

6 Usability Mistakes That Kill Conversions

It’s happened to you before. You arrived on a website confident in your mission. You needed to buy a vacuum cleaner! But once you got to or or wherever you planned to make your purchase, you become enraged. What category are vacuums in? Home? Electronics? Tools? How do get through the site? […]

4 Reasons PPC Doesn’t Work for Everyone

Are You Throwing Your Marketing Dollars Away? While pay-per-click ads are considered a form of inbound marketing, they might not be the solution you seek. Sure, the whole point of these ads is to show up when someone searches for terms that fit your products or services, and sometimes those ads appear on third-party […]

How to A/B Test Circles Around Your Competitors in AdWords

I’ve kissed a lot of Google AdWords frogs, and let me tell you, very few immediately morph into royalty. Whether it’s a $2,000 pilot campaign or a six-or-seven-figure monthly ad spend, rarely do I come in contact with paid search accounts that demonstrate a truly organized, rigorous ad copy A/B testing process. There are […]

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