Fresh Pressed 2/25/2013

Today’s Category: Content Creation

5 Ways to Bring Your Company’s Images to Life

Did you know that of all the content that people share on social media, images are the most viewed and attract the highest levels of engagement? The written word will always be important, but last year saw the rise of the visual social web (which some are even calling the imagesphere). This was largely […]

Content Marketing Without a Blog

It’s no secret that content marketing has a phenomenal ROI (the statistics only seem to get better with each passing year). In fact, Kapost and Eloqua recently produced an eBook on the ROI of content marketing in which they stated that per dollar content marketing produces three times the number of leads as compared […]

Content Fluff: Why Writing Content for Content’s Sake Doesn’t Work

No matter where you look, there it is: spam, a.k.a. “content fluff.” Content fluff is like reading empty calories – insufficient nutrition, unsatisfactory lack of richness, and it’s frustratingly found at every turn. It’s written for the sole purpose of posting content in an attempt to create backlinks. From this morning’s content-fluff haul, here are […]

10 sacred commandments for writing better online content

Do you want your articles to spread like Gangnam online? You’d better master the art of capturing the micro-attention of your readers. For a bit of help with what that might entail, I went up to Mount Table, and asked those on high for help. I came back with these some commandments. Fortunately they’re […]

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