Fresh Pressed: 3/19/2013

Today’s Category: Connections

Bad Links: What Are Unnatural Links to a Site?

Are the Links to Your Website Sabotaging Your Efforts? Be smart about your link placement. If you’re not, then you risk creating a host of unnatural links that will spoil everything you’ve attempted to achieve in your article writing and content marketing efforts. What Are Unnatural Links? Often hiding under the guise of SEO […]

Cutts Hints at New Versions of Panda and Penguin in the Near Future

Matt Cutts, Google’s ​distinguished search engineer, spoke to a crowd at SMX West about upcoming algorithm updates to Penguin and Panda. These two algos have impacted the world of search over the past two years, and Cutts noted that 2013 will see even greater changes. In his presentation, Cutts indicated that a new version […]

9 Irrefutable Reasons Why You Need SEO

It can be difficult to quantify or draw direct correlations between an SEO campaign and the sales it generates. Unlike PPC, where keywords can be tracked from the click all the way to the conversion, SEO tracking isn’t quite as specific. In fact, tracking sales from an SEO campaign can often be difficult to […]

How to Start Building Your Author Rank: 6 Best Practices

Building identity around top content is now an integral part of a strong digital marketing strategy. As the industry buzzes about changes afoot with Author Rank, it has become impossible to ignore for forward-thinking marketing professionals. It’s no longer a matter of if Author Rank will be widely implemented; it’s only a matter of […]

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