Fresh Pressed: 4/4/2013

Today’s Category: Conversion

Want social ROI? Study Shows Content is Key

​As Americans turn their attention to the web for both professional and social purposes, marketers will follow suit, as evidenced in Global Web Index’s “A Global Analysis of How Consumers Spend Their Media Time” report. The data found global digital marketing, including social media and mobile internet usage, accounts for 57 percent of daily […]

Seven Keys To “Call-To-Action” Success

The call-to-action is one of the most important, yet often overlooked, elements of marketing content. Follow these guidelines to get your CTAs noticed and ensure readers take the next step. The average consumer is bombarded with more than 5,000 marketing messages every day, according to the Content Marketing Institute. From traditional channels such as […]

25 Ways to Know if You’re a Pro Conversion Rate Optimizer – Checklist

You think your CRO skills are top-notch, right? Maybe. Perhaps. Conversion rate optimization is really fun when you’re winning, but super hard when it’s not going your way. So how good are you? Use the checklist below and find out. Using the Conversion Rate Checklist: To find out how much of a pro conversion […]

Optimizing Landing Page Conversion Rates

As counter-intuitive as it sounds, attracting as many visitors as possible to your landing page is not nearly as important as enticing visitors to remain on the page for more than a few, fleeting seconds. In fact, seven seconds is the average time spent by the typical internet user on a landing page before […]

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