Fresh Pressed: 4/7/2014

Today’s Category: Content Creation

7 Tips On Writing A Conclusion That Works

Are you clueless when it comes to writing a conclusion? Many bloggers are so concerned with crafting captivating headlines and ensuring the body of the post has enough meat to satisfy readers’ hunger that they forget a critical part of a post: the conclusion. Writing a conclusion is not easy. And because many writers […]

Pick Your Perfect Blog Post Schedule

Your blog’s content strategy is about more than the type of content you plan to write. It also includes your blog post schedule — when you post, and how often you post. Should you post daily? Just on weekdays? Once per week? Monthly? There’s no right answer to cover all blogs. You have to […]

Why You Should Break Out of Your Niche

I used to love the word “niche.” It was so obvious to me that if you wanted to succeed with limited resources, you needed to find a sector of the market with few competitors. You needed to find a unique topic that you could be better than anybody else at. That way, you would […]

Wise Marketers Know Headlines Lick Labels

That headline may sound like something Confucius concocted, but if you want to get someone’s attention in writing, it’s a smart place to start. No, this isn’t fortune cookie advice, it’s real-world business wisdom. “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy,” said advertising legend David […]

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