Fresh Pressed: 7/22/2013

Today’s Category: Content Creation

The Perfect Mix of Content — Shaken, Not Stirred

Creating resonating content is like mixing the perfect cocktail. Too much or not enough of one thing can mean making or destroying your content and SEO strategy—and martini. Creating the perfect content strategy for your brand doesn’t mean using the same ratios each and every time. If your goal is to emphasize SEO […]

An Easy Recipe for Making Text Overlay Images

As part of your organization’s digital strategy, you need to create engaging content for your web site, email newsletter, or blog.    This content can be easily optimized for social channels like Facebook or Twitter – with a focus on making it visual. And, of course, there are benefits to visual content like increased engagement. A […]

5 Ways Google Hangouts On-Air Can Help You Grow Your Business

One of the biggest “secrets” in marketing right now is that Google+ Hangouts On Air (HOA) are one of the easiest, low-cost ways to host live webinar presentations that can kick-start your business. But before I jump into the details, let me say this. Imagine a free video presentation service that doesn’t require any […]

7 Questions You Should Ask Yourself BEFORE You Write

Make article writing a breeze with prewriting! If you’re thinking, “what’s the deal? Writing shouldn’t be this difficult?!” then you’re absolutely right: you’re spending way too much time writing and not enough time planning. Invoke the 5 Ps of Success: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. In fact, let’s put an Expert Author twist on […]

Tomorrow’s Fresh Pressed: Connections

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