Fresh Pressed: 8/30/2012

Today’s Category: Conversion

Raven knows a thing or two about converting, so when I came across their compilation of cools tools to help optimize conversions, I had to bookmark & share.

Ultimate List of conversion optimization tools

The goal of any website is to get a user to take action. Whether you’re trying to get them to subscribe to your blog, buy a product, fill out a contact form or anything else, it’s all about improving your conversion rate. With that in mind, here’s our Ultimate List of tools you […]

With our recent design changes on our blog & landing pages, I could certainly appreciate this article from James Gardner; with screenshots of each example LP and a breakdown of what is done right and what’s a disaster, it’s a clear outline for which assets to copy & what to avoid.

15 Landing Page Examples Analyzed for Conversion (By a Honey Badger)

If there’s one thing a business wants from its landing pages, it’s conversions. In this article we’ll look at 15 landing pages and critique them for conversion; looking at the good, the bad, and the indifferent. The key to driving a high conversion rate lies in understanding your audience, which is […]

As a typical smartphone user, I can really appreciate this article from Esther Shein of It’s nice to see marketing companies paying attention to the growing statistics of mobile users, and adjusting their UI for a better experience for the tablet or phone consumer.

Marketers Catch The Mobile Wave

“It was an opportunity to recognize how our consumers were using technology and help them understand our product offerings better. When they’re in the marketplace shopping, they’re leveraging these devices, so we are with them along the path to purchase,” explained Scott Grenz, media director for North America and Latin America at GSK, in […]

Meredith Morgan offers a really refreshing perspective about succeeding as a marketer: rather than trusting your intuition from past success, data is the key. I love the suggestion of being “a predictor” rather than a “reactor” when your marketing efforts.

Eliminate the Bullsh!t from Marketing

In general, marketing tends to be reactive.  For example, say you discover that newsletter sign-ups on your website are falling steadily, so you have your creative team redesign the sign-up page.  You launch it, then sit back and way to see what happens.  The page doesn’t improve your newsletter sign-ups, so you start the […]

I, like most consumers, love infographics. As a marketer I appreciate design & layout; so it’s easy to see why I would want to pass on this infographic created by the Blogtyrant. The IG itself demonstrates and justifies the data it displays, by breaking up the IG viewed from “above the fold” and below it.

What to Put Above the Fold on Your Blog, And Why

You have less than two seconds to convince someone to stay on your blog. You need to make an impression really quickly. Web users spend 80% of their time looking at information above the page fold. Your about me page is the second place people usually look. New visitors want to see what you’ve done […]