Fresh Pressed: 9/17/2012

Today’s Category: Content Creation

Inbound Marketing Content Creation: Blog Posts Are Not the Only Option

Content creation is vital to inbound marketing, and most marketers know they need to update their company blog on a weekly basis.  Blog posts are necessary and important for driving traffic to your website.  However, there are other forms of content you can employ to add some variety and freshness to your website […]

The True Power of Evergreen Content – A Case Study

There is a very good chance anyone reading this is already familiar with the concept of evergreen content; or content that is perpetually relevant. Most of us have experienced at least one piece of content that holds timeless in the usefulness of its information. Creating content that is just as useful five years down […]

How To Make Your Business Blog Informative

There’s a fine line between having a fun and interesting blog and having an informative blog.  Too much interesting content without information, and you’ll never meet your goals with your blog.  Too great a focus on information, and, well… you aren’t going to have a readership. But, I believe that it’s possible to combine […]

Curb Your Blogging Frustration in 8 Steps

That last blog post was really good. It was supposed to be the one. The post that launched you into blogging stardom. Right into the spotlight. Making you an overnight success. That post was supposed to change everything. But it didn’t. Instead, it received the usual handful of tweets, smattering of likes and a gaggle […]