Fresh Pressed: 9/23/2013

Today’s Category: Content Creation

15 Reasons Your Business Website Needs Fresh Content

Everybody says – especially content writers and content marketers – that you should have constantly updated and fresh content on your business website. Why is it important? Is it just to generate some livelihood opportunities for content writers, or is it really beneficial to your business? Presented below are 15 reasons your business website should have […]

No Room for Content Ambiguity

For both travelers and health clinicians who provide pre-travel consultations, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Travelers’ Health website serves as a well-known and crucial resource. The CDC must provide authoritative and understandable content about travel health for two particular audiences, each with their own needs and demands. But, when the CDC […]

Growing With Your Audience: A Content Marketing Lesson from Neopets

This fall will mark the 14th anniversary of popular children’s virtual pet website Conceived as simply a way to keep “university students entertained,” the site has grown exponentially, both in terms of content and overall users of the site. Let’s talk about how Neopets has remained relevant, and just how the site keeps […]

4 Tips for Writing a Strong Case Study

Everyone loves a good story.  And there’s a reason why Aesop and others opted to teach their life lessons through stories that have been told and re-told for many years. Case Studies are the marketing version of Aesop’s Fables. Stories told to make a point or teach a lesson that demonstrates the value of […]

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