Fresh Pressed: 9/9/2013

Today’s Category: Content Creation

8 Practical Motivations to Blog When No One Is Reading It

A friend of mine was pretty down about his blogging recently. He wrote me a note and told me that he was disheartened because he was putting a lot of effort into his writing but nobody was reading his blog. Let’s talk about this subject openly and honestly today. Let’s face it. It’s HARD […]

Where The Coding Craze Is Going Overboard

This summer, I jumped on the learn-to-code bandwagon, spending a couple of weeks on an online course before becoming completely frustrated and quitting. But there are plenty of people singing its praises, how it teaches life skills that are applicable to anything, or how it will guarantee you a great job even if you […]

5 Creative SEO Copywriting Methods for Boring Topics

If Alan Shumway doesn’t read your blog, he’s as good as fired. We’re about two months into Q3 and Alan already blazed through 90% of his annual budget. It’s only his second year as IT director for a small staffing company, and the bosses are breathing down his neck to make things right. […]

Newsjacking: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Despite the criminal implication of the term, Newsjacking has nothing to do with holding the local anchorman hostage until he relents and airs a picture of your missing dog on the 6:30. The phrase was coined by online marketing strategist David Meerman Scott, and his book Newsjacking: How to Inject your Ideas into a […]

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