Keep Your Infographics Sexy Like Matt Siltala


Episode 25: Keeping Your Infographics Sexy

Welcome back to Malcontent! After a week off for pure laziness we talked to Matt Siltala (Seal-Tal-ah) from Avalaunch Media, to discuss why so many infographics suck, and how you can keep from being terrible.

We also got a phone call from Ben Cook with some Terrible Customer Feedback.

We also talk Yahoo/Google Deal, Youtube Red, and make some terrible headlines for viral dental content.

About the author

Dave Snyder

Dave began his career online as a well respected Internet Marketing Consultant. He has spoken around the world on the topics of search marketing and social media, and has consulted for some of the worlds largest companies on the topics. He has also been an educator and writer in past careers.

Dave’s passion shifted from a purely marketing focus as he worked with more and more entrepreneurs to build profitable companies, to the creation, construction, and management of startups. This passion was the inspiration behind SteelCast.