Native Advertising has Infiltrated the Comments Section

We’ve all but accepted that we’re entering the era of paid reach on Facebook and that our brands need to pay if they want to be seen, but is this a trend that’s spreading across the Internet? In the next few years, will we evolve almost entirely into a pay-to-play model for social, on blogs, […]

Brands Will Support Whatever Political Agendas Increase Sales

Earlier this week we looked at Guido Barilla’s anti-gay comments and the immediate responses by Buitoni and Bertolli. Unlike J.C. Penney and Oreo, those last two pasta brands don’t exactly spring to mind when you’re rattling off corporate advocates of the LGBTQ community. This is because they merely jumped on the bandwagon in the wake […]

Anti-Gay Comments: A Tale of Two Opportunists

Update: Brendan Eich stepped down shortly after writing this, Mozilla issued and apology to all offended parties.  When Thorsten Heins was appointed CEO of Blackberry in early 2012, the company’s stock went down. The shareholders questioned his ability to lead or turn the struggling tech company around. When Mozilla announced Brendan Eich’s promotion from CTO […]

McDonald’s and Newsjacking Your Competitor’s Product Launch

This morning I did not bite into a succulent Waffle Taco. Come to think of it, I didn’t bite into any type of waffle taco whatsoever. It has been almost a week and I have yet to offer my review of Taco Bell’s breakfast, mostly because I haven’t eaten at a Taco Bell in years […]

How a Grassroots Cancer Research Campaign Almost Saved the Polar Bears

Last week, #nomakeupselfie was trending all across the UK. The campaign raised more than £8 million ($13 million) for cancer research and in the past week has been tweeted tens of thousands of times daily. You might think that the marketing department for Cancer Research UK would be popping champagne at their viral creation, but […]

The British Library and The Gray Area of Modern Copyright

This past Friday, Matthew Ingram, senior writer at Gigiaom, tweeted a picture of his view from the New York Public Library. John Gapper, fellow journalist and Financial Times columnist, replied with his view from the British Library. The social media department of the British Library did not appreciate the shout out and immediately asked Gapper […]

What Jeff Weiner Has that Tim Armstrong Doesn’t

Dear LinkedIn hiring department, I am willing to relocate. Glassdoor released its annual employee survey and compiled a list of the best CEOs to work for. Jeff Weiner, currently at the helm of LinkedIn, was voted the best CEO of 2014 with a 100% approval rating. This is his first time on the list, which […]

Would Brands Fare Better if Facebook Quit The Algorithm Game?

Last week, I tried to defend Facebook. I talked about the decreasing brand reach and agreed with Marketing Land that there’s no way organic reach could ever hit zero. Brands will always have a place on Facebook and will always use it for exposure. This week, however, Facebook is trying to prove me wrong. A […]

Cougar Town and Target: Monetizing the Second Screen

A recent survey by found that millennials spend 18 hours per day engaging with media, and often use multiple devices at once. Oftentimes this is in the form of watching TV while playing on tablets or texting on smartphones. In the past few years, many TV shows have tried to tap into this multitasking, but only […]