Snyde Comments: The Alan K’necht Interview at Pubcon South

Myself and a motley crew of CopyPressers traveled to the impressive Pubcon South this past spring in order to record interviews and meet awesome people to talk about content. Well we did just that, but due to our crazy growth it took us several months to get the video edited and ready to roll.

We finally made it happen.

This interview is with Alan K’necht, Founding Partner at Digital Always Media. We discussed the growing amount of data that marketers have to guide their social media marketing efforts. It was a great talk, and Alan has some really actionable tips.

Next week we’ll feature another guest interview from our Pubcon trip.

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Dave Snyder

Dave began his career online as a well respected Internet Marketing Consultant. He has spoken around the world on the topics of search marketing and social media, and has consulted for some of the worlds largest companies on the topics. He has also been an educator and writer in past careers.

Dave’s passion shifted from a purely marketing focus as he worked with more and more entrepreneurs to build profitable companies, to the creation, construction, and management of startups. This passion was the inspiration behind SteelCast.