3 Days Left to Change How You Approach Content Forever

3 Days. That is how long you have left to become an early adopter and help shape what CopyPress’ software will become. Over the next 4 months, CopyPress will be bringing the software that has run our system behind the scenes to the forefront, and allowing users to utilize it to take their content marketing […]

What is Connection Seeker? [Infographic]

Connection Seeker is one of the features in our soon to be in Beta CopyPress automation software that allows marketers to quantify the value of publishers and quickly contact worthy publishers and manage the conversations. Unlike many software companies, we actually tested our workflows in real time as we built the software with internal marketers, allowing […]

How We Approached Our October Marketing Budget

CopyPress has spent a whopping $34,000 on marketing in 2013. That is less than $4,000 a month. For that spend we have: Increased our customer base from 10 to 100 Increased our email list from 0 to more than 10,000 Increased community.copypress.com from 0 to almost 6,000 Not bad. However, with our private beta ready to […]

Snyde Comments: The Matt Siltala Interview at Pubcon South

The always brilliant Matt Siltala was the next person to sit down with me at Pubcon South, and we really dived deep into the topic of content. Matt is someone I have personally known for a long time, and I admire his ability to constantly stay ahead of the curve in terms of the next […]

Snyde Comments: The Mel Carson Interview at Pubcon South

Rarely on film has there been two such handsome man as you will see in this video. Brace yourself. Mel Carson is not only handsome, but he also has a great British accent. Watch me swoon as he talks about being “Delightful,” and a published author. Few people truly understand the ins and outs of […]

Snyde Comments: The Alan K’necht Interview at Pubcon South

Myself and a motley crew of CopyPressers traveled to the impressive Pubcon South this past spring in order to record interviews and meet awesome people to talk about content. Well we did just that, but due to our crazy growth it took us several months to get the video edited and ready to roll. We […]

Let’s Kill the Platform-Focused Mentality

I have a lot of fun talking to people about CopyPress and where our long-term vision lies. Going into the conversation most people have one or two incorrect ideas about us, and all of them are centered around platform-specific ideas about marketing. As I explain our long-term vision, invariably most people get confused. I don’t […]

CopyPress Turns 2, Now What?

In July of 2011, CopyPress officially became its own company. It had lived within a few other entities, but had always been a side project of sorts (Second Step Search, BlueGlass).  In the summer of 2011 it joined SteelCast and became its own legal entity. That first month of being a business our losses were […]

Explaining CopyPress in Terrible Stick Figures

I still get questions about boiling CopyPress down to its most simple definition. Well here it is. As a note these stick figures are my own and do not represent CopyPress’ capabilities as a company or institution.  This is Jim. He is a consumer, and loves comics. He can’t get enough of online content about […]

CopyPress of the Future: Sign Up Now

Today CopyPress stands as a closed marketplace for content in a variety of formats, and an enterprise services division backed by awesome tools. However, all of this is leading to a very different future. By the end of the year we will be ready to launch our open marketplace for creatives, replacing our closed system, […]