Internet Marketing News Weekly Recap: December 20 – 27, 2011

While people were busy celebrating the Yuletide season last week, the World Wide Web is preoccupied with its many updates and overhauls. From new ad platforms to site improvement, the Internet is definitely gearing up to set new online marketing trends before the year ends. Read more to check out how the Internet marketing industry […]

What is Affiliate Marketing?

The Internet is one of the biggest platforms for selling products and services. The number of people who shop online makes Internet marketing a very enticing and lucrative field. One advertising model that works well for this field is affiliate marketing, where merchants sell products and services with the help of business partners. Your affiliates […]

Top Online Marketing Services

With millions of people using the Internet, businesses are taking every service that online marketing firms could provide to its full extent. Apparently, Internet marketing is more than Google ads and Facebook. It is actually a way for companies to reach and retain their target market online. Below are the top online marketing services companies […]

Top Ways HUA Can Help Your Business

When social media entered the online scene, marketing campaigns were restructured. Gone are the days of traditional media when companies used radio, TV and print as channels to commercialize their goods and services. The advent of online marketing services has made business and marketing campaigns a lot easier to handle. These strategic promotions via the […]