Recovery is Possible: Google Creates a Help Page for Hacked Sites

News stories about compromised Internet security have become so common that reporters have stopped asking if they should run the hacking story and started asking which hacking story takes priority. Colin Powell’s Facebook page getting hacked? Meh, Jeep and Burger King have been there, done that. Michelle Obama and Joe Biden finding their bank account […]

Dave and Dan: Project Glass

Project Glass is Google’s newest research and development program in the form of augmented reality eyewear. Similar to smartphone technology, Project Glass will present notifications about your online life and the world around you via a head-mounted display. Although the project has been received well overall, it’s also facing quite a bit of criticism. Specifically […]

The Rise of Search Engines: A Brief History of the Web’s Most Essential Tool

The search engine is arguably one of the most important inventions of the 20th century. Without it, we’d be forced to wander through the depths of the Internet without a guide, unable to find what we seek without knowing the exact site URL. The search engine is our virtual compass; it’s our primary way of […]

Internet Marketing News Weekly Recap: December 20 – 27, 2011

While people were busy celebrating the Yuletide season last week, the World Wide Web is preoccupied with its many updates and overhauls. From new ad platforms to site improvement, the Internet is definitely gearing up to set new online marketing trends before the year ends. Read more to check out how the Internet marketing industry […]

Internet Marketing News Weekly Recap: December 5 – 12, 2011

While people are completely preoccupied with decking the halls, mingling in Yuletide fetes, and surviving the holiday mobs, cyberspace has also been busy with headlines during this festive season. Read further and find out how the Internet marketing industry had a blast this week. Google Casts Math Graph Function on Search Results Google showcases its […]

Internet Marketing Industry News Weekly Recap: October 28 – November 4, 2011

What’s boiling this week? Well, it has been an action-packed week for the online marketing world as a range of new, hot and trending topics have come into picture. This article covers important industry news on Internet Marketing for this week! Check out these highlights.   Keywords of Logged In Users No Longer in Google […]

Internet Marketing News Weekly Recap: October 3 – 10, 2011

It has been an eventful week in the online marketing world. Here are some of top news stories that you may have missed:   Google Launches E-Commerce “Trusted Store” Badges Perhaps finally hearing the call of e-commerce, Google has set a new standard with the launching of their “Trusted Store” badges last week. These badges […]

Google Puts an End to Black Hat Tactics

While the online world has been buzzing with conjecture about Google’s plans for junk articles and content farms, it sounds like J.C. Penney found out exactly how far the search engine giant will go to back up their promises of more valuable search results for their loyal users. According to a recent New York Times […]

Why Google’s Pet Panda Might Eat Your Business

Google is no stranger to updates and innovation when it comes to their search technology. In fact, while we don’t have official numbers, prominent Googler engineer Matt Cutts has told us that more than one update is made each day, on average. However, most of those changes are tweaks, adjustments, and nudges. A recent update […]

The Top Four SEO Mistakes that Google Will Punish

Google’s recent disciplinary action against J.C. Penney has made many people in the SEO world sit up and pay attention to black hat SEO techniques, which are the less-than-reputable ways that some companies try to gain better search engine rankings. In February, Google penalized for trying to gain rank by offering discounts to students […]