Hua’s IM Tips: Maximize Profits and Shine With Great Web Design

Your website can be considered as the online face of your business. Potential clients and stakeholders can easily judge and create impressions about your company just by simply looking at your website. This makes website design a very crucial element of any Internet marketing campaign. Thus, you should know how to manipulate the aspects of […]

Hua’s IM Tips: Drive (and Park It) in the Mobile Market

Mobile marketing continues to grow as many businesses discover its huge potential. It also prompts web designers to create mobile-friendly websites. In turn, this paves the way for companies to reach their potential market in a new method. Listed below are the benefits of mobile marketing for your enterprise. Establish Your Presence Everywhere Even if […]

Hua’s IM Tips: Don’t Ambush Your Social Push

Most business owners nowadays have seen the leverage of social media as an efficient marketing tool for their businesses. They take the plunge into the social media bandwagon, adapting to the shifting ad paradigms. However, when the competition gets tougher, they attempt to take shortcuts and execute flawed social media marketing tactics. Before they know […]

Hua’s IM Tips: Constantly Invent Quality Content

Quality content is important: a major reason why online marketing companies and most businesses focus on creating great content for their websites and for their target audience. However, there are other reasons why inventing quality content is necessary: Quality Content Stands Out. We are way beyond the Jurassic days of the Web when anyone can […]