How to Create a Terrible Link Building Strategy!

Want a guide to strategic link building? You shouldn’t have any trouble finding them. From How to Build Links Like a Rock Star to Win Friends, Build Links, and Influence People to How Building Links is Like Selling Meth, every SEO on the Internet has penned his or her own Ultimate Guide to Building Links. Sure, they all inherently […]

How to Win a Free Link Audit for Your Website

Link building is a delicate process that can easily end up harming your reputation if not done properly. As we mention in our link building services page, not all links are created equal. Both link quality and quantity must be taken into consideration when creating a link building strategy. Luckily, Hua Marketing is here to […]

Why You Should be Guest Blogging [for Hua Marketing]

If you’re in the online marketing industry, you’re probably aware of how beneficial guest posting can be.  Guest posting provides the opportunity to send quality traffic to and from your site, depending on which end of the relationship you or your company are on. Quality traffic, however, is not the only benefit of this marketing […]

What is Hua Marketing?

A set of efficient marketing strategies is a perpetual requirement for all businesses. Thankfully, the Internet has made marketing a notch easier and more affordable. Since almost everyone turns to the Internet whenever they need something, marketers and business owners rapidly recognize the Web as one of the best venues to spend marketing dollars. Indeed, […]

More About Hua’s Three Core Services

In this technology-driven world, the huge potential of the Internet is no longer limited to rants on blogs and hate pages on social networking sites. Nowadays, many companies are seeing how powerful the World Wide Web is in creating an impact on the global market. Hence, the birth of online marketing. However, online marketing can […]

How to Build Links [Infographic]

Link building is a crucial part of your company’s internet marketing efforts. Search engines are getting more sophisticated everyday, and it’s becoming increasingly easy for them to determine a low-quality link. That’s why your company’s link building efforts need to look natural, add value to the web and incorporate a social element to succeed. A […]