Mobile Search in Your Backyard: An Infographic

People use their smartphones for everything. Using them locally to aid in purchase decisions is no different. Local search volume is growing exponentially at 50% each year, and 80% of people seeking a product or service research online before purchasing in a 10 to 20 mile radius. This opens up many doors for geotargeting and […]

A Visual Guide to Article Optimization

When you’re writing articles for yourself, or your company’s blog, you’ll want to make sure that they have the best possible potential to be found by readers and picked up in search engine results. The key to maximum exposure is article optimization. Take a look at our guide to article optimization below, and put these […]

A Visual History of Marketing

From cave paintings to multiple media channels, people and businesses have been marketing themselves since the beginning of communication. Means of communication and markets have changed, but one thing has remained constant all along: getting the word out. While online marketing may be relatively new to the mix, it’s an important part of today’s marketing […]